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Newsletter 2018

2018 Mid-Year Update

1 Cor 12:12  For as the body is one and has many members, but all the members of that one body, being many, are one body, so also is Christ.
There are many opportunities for the different parts of the body of Christ to work together for His glory. Each part has a different purpose, but together, we can work as a well oiled machine to accomplish the task we have been called to complete.

We have an amazing announcement to make! January 8th 2018 brought such an opportunity for Joshua’s House to invite Hope Pregnancy Center to join with us to “Care for our future, one mother at a time!” Well, we have created a stronger organization by unifying with Hope Pregnancy Center and bringing them under the umbrella of Joshua’s House and becoming one, strengthening both organizations and working together to empower women to make informed, life preserving decisions that will impact generations to come.
We are now all located under one roof, as one organization, to reach the needs of women and their unborn, newborn and young children up to the age of 5 years old! This is a historical mile marker for both organizations. It is so exciting to be announcing the merging of Hope Pregnancy Center and Joshua’s House Maternity Shelter as ONE entity. We are Joshua’s House, a place of HOPE!

Many of you are receiving this newsletter for the very first time. Perhaps you have been a supporter of Hope and are finding yourself surprised by this newsletter update. When God joins folks together, it usually begins with the heart. Then He knits their spirits together to form a strong partnership to have the ability to work together in Christian love. Here is a brief overview for you of Joshua’s House and for the steadfast, ongoing supporters a fresh reminder of the ministry focus.

At Joshua’s House we empower women through caring for their needs, being open to listening, teaching new skills, being patient during the learning process and through encouraging them. Women come to us at different stages in their life. Some arrive with limited skills and others  arrive with none at all. We offer kindness, friendship, a positive relationship, a place to be heard & emotional support. We have 20 classes to become a successful parent, homemaker, & working mom. They include business skills, gardening, cooking, child care/development, retail skills, cleaning, baking, financial skills and more!
Often times they arrive with only the clothes on their back or a backpack or small bag with a few personal items. They are feeling broken, rejected, misunderstood, ashamed and filled with fear. Many are victims of strained family relationships, or they have been taken advantage of by someone they trusted, respected, someone they fell in love with. Maybe they were evicted and now have nowhere to turn. They are lonely, scared, untrusting, angry, depressed or even hopeless. Not knowing if they can ever recover, trust again, get past this difficult time or have a happy life. Will I be a good mom, will I find love again, to say the least, it can be overwhelming to a woman to arrive at a place she is unfamiliar with, the unknown can be a fearful place. However, it doesn’t have to stay that way!

We are a faith based organization. We are non-denominational. We minister to the physical needs and the spiritual needs of each woman. We encourage them, lift them up, teach them new skills, applaud their accomplishments, help them to move forward with real answers from the Word of God. Not opinions, but truth! We celebrate their successes and encourage them to try again. The focus is: you may not be where you want to be, but you are father away from where you were before. You CAN DO THIS! We are by your side, we will help you to become stronger & we are so very proud of your efforts.
We see lives transformed every year and keep in touch with them for years after they have left the shelter to ensure that they are moving forward and encouraging someone else along the way. Many are now teaching their friends and family members how they too can move forward and accomplish their goals in life and it all starts by reaching out to someone, YOU too can make a difference, YOU too can encourage a change in a life, through partnering with Joshua’s House, a place of HOPE! It all begins with putting your own needs aside for the good of impacting another life.

The last newsletter at the end of 2017 shared the highlights of our 9th Annual Fundraising Dinner, our start up of a Joshua’s House organization in Zimbabwe, Africa & the renovations we had just begun in our efforts to complete the Education Center located in the lower level. At that time we promised to keep you updated. Here are some recent pictures of our progress.  In addition to the women’s and men’s bathrooms, we also added four new rooms. Two offices are for our new services that our team from HOPE will facilitate, then the Hope Chest room that will house items that are earned on a point system rewarding our clients for the completion of each educational class. Also, we have an on-site office for our shelter staff. We are eager to host our open house for all to see later this year just prior to the Annual Fundraising Dinner which will be held on Thursday September 20th at the Clare Church of the Nazarene. Please, Save The Date!!

These current renovations took us seven months to complete. We had volunteers, contractors and the entire Joshua’s House staff, including family members involved throughout the busy months. Pictures can not do these efforts justice, so please stay tuned for further information to tour the building upstairs and down. Our current resident is in awe at the beauty of our shelter and remarked how “it looks more like a beautiful, cozy home than a shelter, I am so grateful to be here!”

Here to the right is our “earn while you learn” room. It is just waiting for the finishing touches for our clients.

Below is Carol Singer’s office. She is our client coordinator & currently is servicing seven clients. Our center and all services will be open on Monday, June 18, 2018! If you are aware of any mother with young children or an expectant woman whether she is homeless or not that may be interested in earning free diapers, wipes, children’s clothing and other needful items while learning helpful information on childcare, child development, discipline strategies and more, please refer them to our new contact information. They may reach our complete services by calling (833)424-BABY (2229). The previous number for Joshua’s House will be valid until December 31, 2018. After this time only our new number will be in operation. Please note this!

Finally, we stand in awe of how our Heavenly Father has orchestrated all of the provision and the miracles of their arrival! He is so good to us and we are so very grateful to Him! We are also grateful to our supporters for being obedient to the prompting of the Holy Spirit and donating at our greatest times of need!
At this time we have a few needs for the ministry. We are in need of three small window air conditioners (two horizontal and one verticle). It is challenging to “keep the love between everyone” when the temperatures are well into the 90’s and hormones are at full capacity, LOL!

We are also in need of some smaller items.
1). White out tape (correction tape) -20
2). Letter size white security envelopes -500
3). Copy paper (white) -1case
4). 8’ plastic long table cloths -12
5). 8’ plastic round table cloths -20

These are items that we are always in need of and perhaps you have a few that you would be willing to donate. We would be so thankful!
In closing, we are looking forward to the celebration of our 10th Annual Fundraising Dinner. The merging of two organizations brings many new faces that are expressing a desire to attend this upcoming event. The banquet facility will max out at 300, so seating will be limited. The invitations will be mailed the first two weeks of August. Please keep your eye out for your invitation. We encourage our returning hosts/hostesses to contact our office for your dinner packet. Please fill the form out with the names of your expected guests. Arnie Hilts will be catering this event and the menu will completely accommodate anyone who is gluten free or vegetarian.
May God richly bless each and every one of you & we ask that you continually keep us in your prayers as we “Care for our future, one mother at a time!”

Rene’e Jeffords – Executive Director


Joshua's House Maternity Home is an environment where women receive guidance, spiritual and emotional support, along with instructional opportunities that assist them in successfully caring for themselves and their newborn infant.

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