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Monday thru Friday 10am – 5pm
Closed on Saturday and Sunday

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The Red Door Thrift Store opened on November 14, 2011 for the sole purpose of supporting Clare County’s only homeless shelter, Joshua’s House Maternity Home. This shelter operates specifically for women who are pregnant and homeless. Joshua’s House cares for women from every county in the state of Michigan giving first preference to those residing in Clare County.

The store is run primarily by a delightful staff of volunteers who are here to help you find the perfect buy! Donations are received at the store on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 11a - 4:30p. All items are donated to keep the cost for customers at a reasonable price.

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The Red Door Thrift Store opened its second location in Midland, MI in December 2016. For years, Joshua’s House has worked diligently hosting fundraisers to maintain the operating costs for the maternity home located in Clare. The board, staff and volunteers have been working toward having two stores that would help to support the shelter, as doing many fundraisers has a tendency to wear on those faithful helpers. Eventually, the goal is to operate six maternity home shelters throughout the state of Michigan. Each shelter location would ideally have two thrift stores to assist in supporting that local shelter.
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