Newsletter 2018

2018 Mid-Year Update

1 Cor 12:12  For as the body is one and has many members, but all the members of that one body, being many, are one body, so also is Christ.
There are many opportunities for the different parts of the body of Christ to work together for His glory. Each part has a different purpose, but together, we can work as a well oiled machine to accomplish the task we have been called to complete.

We have an amazing announcement to make! January 8th 2018 brought such an opportunity for Joshua’s House to invite Hope Pregnancy Center to join with us to “Care for our future, one mother at a time!” Well, we have created a stronger organization by unifying with Hope Pregnancy Center and bringing them under the umbrella of Joshua’s House and becoming one, strengthening both organizations and working together to empower women to make informed, life preserving decisions that will impact generations to come.
We are now all located under one roof, as one organization, to reach the needs of women and their unborn, newborn and young children up to the age of 5 years old! This is a historical mile marker for both organizations. It is so exciting to be announcing the merging of Hope Pregnancy Center and Joshua’s House Maternity Shelter as ONE entity. We are Joshua’s House, a place of HOPE!

Many of you are receiving this newsletter for the very first time. Perhaps you have been a supporter of Hope and are finding yourself surprised by this newsletter update. When God joins folks together, it usually begins with the heart. Then He knits their spirits together to form a strong partnership to have the ability to work together in Christian love. Here is a brief overview for you of Joshua’s House and for the steadfast, ongoing supporters a fresh reminder of the ministry focus.

At Joshua’s House we empower women through caring for their needs, being open to listening, teaching new skills, being patient during the learning process and through encouraging them. Women come to us at different stages in their life. Some arrive with limited skills and others  arrive with none at all. We offer kindness, friendship, a positive relationship, a place to be heard & emotional support. We have 20 classes to become a successful parent, homemaker, & working mom. They include business skills, gardening, cooking, child care/development, retail skills, cleaning, baking, financial skills and more!
Often times they arrive with only the clothes on their back or a backpack or small bag with a few personal items. They are feeling broken, rejected, misunderstood, ashamed and filled with fear. Many are victims of strained family relationships, or they have been taken advantage of by someone they trusted, respected, someone they fell in love with. Maybe they were evicted and now have nowhere to turn. They are lonely, scared, untrusting, angry, depressed or even hopeless. Not knowing if they can ever recover, trust again, get past this difficult time or have a happy life. Will I be a good mom, will I find love again, to say the least, it can be overwhelming to a woman to arrive at a place she is unfamiliar with, the unknown can be a fearful place. However, it doesn’t have to stay that way!

We are a faith based organization. We are non-denominational. We minister to the physical needs and the spiritual needs of each woman. We encourage them, lift them up, teach them new skills, applaud their accomplishments, help them to move forward with real answers from the Word of God. Not opinions, but truth! We celebrate their successes and encourage them to try again. The focus is: you may not be where you want to be, but you are father away from where you were before. You CAN DO THIS! We are by your side, we will help you to become stronger & we are so very proud of your efforts.
We see lives transformed every year and keep in touch with them for years after they have left the shelter to ensure that they are moving forward and encouraging someone else along the way. Many are now teaching their friends and family members how they too can move forward and accomplish their goals in life and it all starts by reaching out to someone, YOU too can make a difference, YOU too can encourage a change in a life, through partnering with Joshua’s House, a place of HOPE! It all begins with putting your own needs aside for the good of impacting another life.

The last newsletter at the end of 2017 shared the highlights of our 9th Annual Fundraising Dinner, our start up of a Joshua’s House organization in Zimbabwe, Africa & the renovations we had just begun in our efforts to complete the Education Center located in the lower level. At that time we promised to keep you updated. Here are some recent pictures of our progress.  In addition to the women’s and men’s bathrooms, we also added four new rooms. Two offices are for our new services that our team from HOPE will facilitate, then the Hope Chest room that will house items that are earned on a point system rewarding our clients for the completion of each educational class. Also, we have an on-site office for our shelter staff. We are eager to host our open house for all to see later this year just prior to the Annual Fundraising Dinner which will be held on Thursday September 20th at the Clare Church of the Nazarene. Please, Save The Date!!

These current renovations took us seven months to complete. We had volunteers, contractors and the entire Joshua’s House staff, including family members involved throughout the busy months. Pictures can not do these efforts justice, so please stay tuned for further information to tour the building upstairs and down. Our current resident is in awe at the beauty of our shelter and remarked how “it looks more like a beautiful, cozy home than a shelter, I am so grateful to be here!”

Here to the right is our “earn while you learn” room. It is just waiting for the finishing touches for our clients.

Below is Carol Singer’s office. She is our client coordinator & currently is servicing seven clients. Our center and all services will be open on Monday, June 18, 2018! If you are aware of any mother with young children or an expectant woman whether she is homeless or not that may be interested in earning free diapers, wipes, children’s clothing and other needful items while learning helpful information on childcare, child development, discipline strategies and more, please refer them to our new contact information. They may reach our complete services by calling (833)424-BABY (2229). The previous number for Joshua’s House will be valid until December 31, 2018. After this time only our new number will be in operation. Please note this!

Finally, we stand in awe of how our Heavenly Father has orchestrated all of the provision and the miracles of their arrival! He is so good to us and we are so very grateful to Him! We are also grateful to our supporters for being obedient to the prompting of the Holy Spirit and donating at our greatest times of need!
At this time we have a few needs for the ministry. We are in need of three small window air conditioners (two horizontal and one verticle). It is challenging to “keep the love between everyone” when the temperatures are well into the 90’s and hormones are at full capacity, LOL!

We are also in need of some smaller items.
1). White out tape (correction tape) -20
2). Letter size white security envelopes -500
3). Copy paper (white) -1case
4). 8’ plastic long table cloths -12
5). 8’ plastic round table cloths -20

These are items that we are always in need of and perhaps you have a few that you would be willing to donate. We would be so thankful!
In closing, we are looking forward to the celebration of our 10th Annual Fundraising Dinner. The merging of two organizations brings many new faces that are expressing a desire to attend this upcoming event. The banquet facility will max out at 300, so seating will be limited. The invitations will be mailed the first two weeks of August. Please keep your eye out for your invitation. We encourage our returning hosts/hostesses to contact our office for your dinner packet. Please fill the form out with the names of your expected guests. Arnie Hilts will be catering this event and the menu will completely accommodate anyone who is gluten free or vegetarian.
May God richly bless each and every one of you & we ask that you continually keep us in your prayers as we “Care for our future, one mother at a time!”

Rene’e Jeffords – Executive Director

Newsletter 2017 Year End Update

2017 Year End Update

Psalm 127:1 Unless the Lord builds the house, they labor in vain who build it;….

This is such an appropriate verse for us at Joshua’s House and as I share these updates, you will see how faithful the Lord has been! We sure do trust in Him!

We wait upon the Lord to guide us and show us the direction in which to move, otherwise it is all for nothing! There are so many wonderful, new and exciting things to share with all of our supporters it can be difficult to decide where to begin!

Alessa, who is now 10 months old, was born while her mother Paisley was one of several residents at Joshua’s House in January. As Paisley secured employment, she missed her real calling in life, cosmetology. Alessa is in their new apartment; and with her mom at 4 weeks old.

In July my husband and I traveled to Africa to share the upstart information with Pastor Paymore Murefu and his wife Bybit. It was a wonderful trip with an eye opening experience of life within different cultures. On Thursday August 10, Joshua’s House in Chitungwiza, Zimbabwe was born! Below are some pictures in Zimbabwe and of the women who attended an event marking the birth of this new ministry.

The pictures are of residents of Chitungwiza as they go about their daily business. Below is a picture of El Shaddai Ministries and Bybit Murefu, the new Executive Director for Africa and I.

We met some of the most delightful people ever, and the one thing they all had in common was their joy! They were the happiest people we have ever met, regardless of the material things they had or mostly did not have, they were filled with such joy and were so thankful for everything! Perhaps as we are celebrating Thanksgiving this year, we will remind oursleves of how blessed we really are and to be thankful in all things!

Soon after our return, we began to prepare for our Annual Dinner. What a great turnout we had this year! Everyone remarked how much they enjoyed the addition of music this year before the dinner began and during dinner from Casey Lane ! They did such a fantastic job, we sure loved their music!

At the completion of the dinner we listened to Pastor Matt Moore from Thrive Church in Mt.Pleasant. Wow, we had the chance to see how gifted he really is and what a great blessing to all who were in attendance! We had so much fun this year celebrating 9 years in ministry!

The dinner catered by Arnie Hilts was delicious, & the sweet tooth’s were satisfied, a warm thanks to all who assisted with the baking this year, BRAVO! We would like to give a special shout out to Tom Jared who never ceases to amaze us with his wit and charm as he facilitates our events.

We also were blessed by Pastor Jim Young and Pastor Marty Cobb who brought us before the Lord during the invocation and the benediction. Below Pastor Jim we have our young adults. We are also very grateful to the youth group who enthusiastically served our guests with the assistance of Pastor Jeremy! There are so many who

were a part of our dinner, we would like to thank Sherry Combs, Isabella Bank, Becki Crampton, Micca Crampton, Mary Yoder, Fannie Yoder, Pat Ferrell, Stacy Neuman & Crew, Elder Stolp, Elder Bunker, and many who pitched in to help with cleanup. You are so appreciated, we are ever grateful to you!

We also could not facilitate this dinner without the generosity of the Clare Church of the Nazarene. Cathy David and her team are so helpful year after year, you bless us continually with your efforts!

The first week in October we attended the world convention for Kingsway Fellowship International

which was held in Springfield, Missouri. Joshua’s House is a subordinate ministry of KFI and our 501(c)(3) non-profit status is provided through our membership. The training, teaching, learning opportunities and fellowship times were abundant and wonderful! Next year we will attend again in Des Moines, Iowa and we will celebrate KFI’s 50 year anniversary. Next week we will continue with the renovations for the two bathrooms for the education center. We have finished taking the rooms down to the bare studs, and now we are ready to add the walls, electric and plumbing.

As this newsletter comes to a close, we pass along a “thank you” from this years many residents including our current resident and those yet to arrive in this “safe haven” you have so generously helped to provide.

They are learning new skills for parenting, cooking, cleaning, balancing their checkbook, sewing, quilting, employment, and many more! Many of these ladies would have ended up in dangerous or compromising situations if it were not for the opportunity to reside at Joshua’s House.

Whether you attended our dinner, shopped at the Red Door in Clare or in Midland, sent a donation by mail, online or brought donations to the shelter or the store, please know that we are ever grateful for your support! As Thanksgiving is at our door, we give thanks for each one of our supporters! We also pray that everyone will have a very Merry Christmas and a safe & Happy New Year!

-Rene’e Jeffords, Executive Director – Joshua’s House

Newsletter 2017

Summer 2017 Update

Psalm 37:3 Trust in the Lord and do good; dwell in the land, and feed on His faithfulness.

This is such an appropriate verse for us at Joshua’s House and as I share these updates, you will see how faithful the Lord has been! We sure do trust in Him!

The winter was indeed a busy one with an over-loaded shelter and the birth of our newest baby, Alessa! She weighed 7lbs 11oz and 20 1/2 inches long. Despite some complications with the birth, both Paisley and Alessa are doing well and in their own residence. Paisley is working hard to be independent with the skills she learned and we are very proud of her. Here is a photo of momma mesmerized by the beauty of her little girl.

We have received requests from Child Protective Services & DHHS to assist women in difficult situations with short term residency at Joshua’s House. Although our main focus remains homeless, pregnant women, as a preventative measure we have received them and assisted them in obtaining housing or relocating them to other housing options.

In February we held a special fundraising spaghetti dinner to complete additional bathrooms in the education center of the shelter. We received a matching funds donation from the Modern Woodmen and now we are working to move forward with this project! How awesome is that! We have had a couple of set backs with securing a plumber for the project, but God is always faithful to help us and His timing is always perfect!

At the end of this month I will be traveling to Africa to share the foundational information from Joshua’s House to help open Maternity Home shelters that will preserve the life of the unborn & care for the mother as well. They have such a heart to reach out to others and love them through an uncertain time. God faithfully brought the provisions for this trip when it seemed there was no way it would work, He supernaturally came through! The highlights of the trip and a report will be given at the upcoming Annual Dinner. You won’t want to miss out on this year’s festive celebration. Prayers would be appreciated for safe travel to complete this mission.

We had two wonderful groups come to tour Joshua’s House recently. Thank you Clio United Methodist Church for your support, enthusiasm & love for this ministry and also to Dr. Kurt Kepner from Hometown Chiropractic and Pat & Cassie from Members First Credit Union. What a wonderful time sharing all the amazing things God has accomplished through our staff and volunteers this year!

Isn’t He wonderful? When you trust in the Lord, He will guide your path and make a way where there seems to be no way! This was a challenging year, we overcame many obstacles. We are still in need of a house mother and are praying for the right person to join our team. Do you know of a possible person for this position? Please keep this request in your daily prayers. We would sure appreciate your help in this matter.

Once again, I would like to thank all of our loyal supporters for your prayers, letters, donations and encouraging calls to let us know that you are standing with us in this ministry. May God bless everything you set your hands to do, and may His face shine upon you and be gracious to you!

-Rene’e Jeffords, Executive Director – Joshua’s House

Newsletter Summer 2016

Summer 2016 Update

Nehemiah 8:10
Then he said to them, “Go your way, eat the fat, drink the sweet, and send portions to those for whom nothing is prepared; for this day is holy to our Lord.: neither be ye sorry; for the JOY OF THE LORD IS YOUR STRENGTH.”

2016 Summer Update

Somedays you just feel weaker than others, you try to stay focused but your mind is consumed with the tasks to be accomplished, the needs to be met; everyone seems to want your guidance, assistance, approval on situations……you are ready to say “Calgon, take me away!” This is when it is so important that we turn to the word and encourage ourselves in the Lord. When I am weak, He is strong! When I am confused, He brings clarity! When I am overwhelmed, He brings me peace! Yes, the JOY of the LORD IS my strength!

2016 has brought many joys, and at the same time, it has been the most difficult year in a long, long time! We have made so much progress in caring for those in need, but the progress has not come without it’s own hurdles. My mother used to say to me “anything worth having is worth working for.” She was right! These challenges have strengthened us, molded us and solidified the need for this ministry!

We have many wonderful things to share at this year’s 8th Annual Fundraising Dinner. We are excited for what God is doing through Joshua’s House! The lives that are being impacted through one on one ministry, outreach, & our missions project within our local communities and beyond.

Enclosed with this newsletter is an invitation for this year’s Annual Fundraising Dinner. It will be held at the Clare Church of the Nazarene on Thursday September 22nd and will be catered by Arnie Hilts. As in the past, we are required to have a RSVP count in order to reserve your seating for this event. Although there is not a fee to attend the dinner, there will be an offering taken at the dinner. This IS A FUNDRAISING EVENT. If you are planning to attend or are interested in hosting a table this year, please contact our office as soon as possible so that we might make accommodations for you.

This year’s theme is: KEEP MOVING, it has inspired us to move forward and to give God all the glory!

Our Guest Speaker will be Paul Miller, board member for Michigan Right to Life & Chairman for the RLM political action committee. We are honored to have Paul with us and we look forward to all he has to share concerning Michigan being a leader in our nation for pro-life education and legislation.

We encourage you to read your invitation and share the opportunity to attend with friends, family, business associates, neighbors and like minded individuals that will help support this ministry as we “Care for our future, one mother at a time”.

You may reserve your seat for the dinner in one of two ways. Visit our website at: and click on the registration button, or you may call us Monday-Friday from 11am-4pm @ 989-400-3301. If you are returning as a Host or Hostess this year, please call and ask for Becki or Rene’e to assist you with the hosting process.

Thank you for partnering with Joshua’s House to support life and to love those in need. Matt 25:40 “And the King shall answer and say unto them, verily I say unto you, inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.”

May God richly bless you,
Rene’e Jeffords
Executive Director Joshua’s House/ The Red Door Thrift Store

Newsletter 2016

January 2016 Update

November – Our 7th Annual Dinner was a success! We raised $21,000.00 including pledges to be paid throughout the upcoming year as monthly donations. Though we fell short of last years total, we are so very grateful for those who gave of their time, talent and treasure! The banquet hall at Clare Nazarene Church was filled with excitement and enthusiasm for the mission of caring for our future, one mother at a time! Thank you to all who hosted, attended, served and donated! God is good ALL the time!

November also brought us the celebration of Crixus Brown’s first birthday party held at the First Baptist Church of Clare. Tara Brown who graduated Joshua’s House in April of 2015 was excited to host her son’s event along with family, friends and fellow church family. A great time was had by all, especially Crixus as he dove face first into his birthday cake. Tara is moving forward with her schooling to become a teacher, she currently is attending at MMCC in Harrison.

December brought us mild temperatures, decorating fun and our second Annual Santa Shop at the Red Door Thrift Store in Clare, Michigan! We realize

that Jesus is the reason for the CHRISTmas season! We do love to have the children come and shop with one of our elves as they learn the gift of giving, we incorporate the true gift of the season, our Lord and Savior, Jesus! Patrons passing by the store waived to our elves and came in to take advantage of the wonderful sales we offer especially for CHRISTmas!

December 5th we celebrated as an organization the blessedness of what Christmas means. Pictured here are some of our volunteers and staff along with our Administrative Board enjoying a year’s accomplishments and sharing how mighty God moved this year! As we looked back to what was completed, the excitement grew in us to desire even greater to move forward in what we

have been called to do. Volunteers are critical to the functionality of Joshua’s House, without them,…..well, lets just say they are worth their weight in gold!!!

In May of 2015 Kelly Armbruster from Thrivent Financial approached us with an opportunity to receive “choice” dollars from her Thrivent Account. Then she allocated those funds to use for candy to fill the candy machines that were donated by Gilbert & Doris Badger. What an amazing program! Isn’t that wonderful how God just works things out to forward the mission that is so near and dear to His heart? We have some of the machines filled and in place earning dollars to support the shelter. Do you know of a business within 20 minutes of Clare that would consider a candy machine as a service for it’s customers and employees, and in turn would support Joshua’s House?

In November, 13 CMU students, as Service Ambassadors from the Mary Ellen Brandell Volunteer Center, came to Joshua’s House to learn about our mission and to assist us in decorating the shelter for Christmas. They were bright, kind and full of enthusiasm! We enjoyed their company as they quickly decorate our facility and helped to move some larger items we could not mover for ourselves, We enjoyed our time together and are waiting for another opportunity for them to return. Great job to all who worked so hard to decorate!!

December brought a delight to our hearts as we received a huge donation of pennies for our kitchen/ dining room floor at the shelter. This is the second time that the children’s program from “The Sanctuary” in Fenton, MI, headed up by Michelle Byers, has filled numerous jars with pennies that the children brought in each week ,to Sunday School, during the last 12-18 months. WOW! What a way to teach our children about sacrificial giving and teaching them how to give expecting nothing in return! It’s getting exciting as we draw nearer to our goal to complete the flooring.

Home Depot has been an amazing friend to this ministry! Internally they have a group called “Team Depot”. The team is comprised of employees that come together to rally around a specific cause or non- profit organization to assist them in accomplishing a goal. Team Depot members purchased and donated four tables of clothing, toys, accessories and quilts for Joshua’s House to hand out to residents or graduates of our program or to families in need within the local communities. What an amazing group! Thank you so very much for your continued support!

During the dinner held this past November, we mentioned that we were in desperate need of a counter cook top. At the end of the dinner a friend of ministry came and said that he wanted to fill that need for us! Wow! What a blessing! Thank you Tom for filling that need and listening when the Lord impressed upon your heart to help!

As we begin this new year, we ask that you would keep us in prayer for the many ongoing needs of the ministry. We still are in need of a house mother/couple to live at Joshua’s House to facilitate the activities in the shelter and assist in meeting the needs of the women who are residents in our program. If you are interested in this position, or know of someone who might be, we will be interviewing beginning in February to ensure that all of our bases are covered.

We have a list of upcoming events we would like to share with you, here they are: *Friday January 29 We are having a bake sale at Valueland in Clare from10am-5pm *Saturday May 21st our 4th Annual 5k run will be held at Shamrock Park @ 9am *Thursday September 29th is our 8th Annual Fundraising Dinner to be held at the Clare Church of the Nazarene from 6:30-8:30pm

To keep informed of any additional events please visit us on our Facebook pages for both Joshua’s House Maternity Home and the Red Door Thrift Store. The Red Door proceeds go directly to support the ministry of Joshua’s House. Our store location is 1006 N. McEwan in Clare.
We have sales weekly that are just out of this world!! Stop by the store and relax in “the nook” our peaceful slice of tranquility! Also, come see the newly renovated foyer of the store. There are so many new items arriving weekly, don’t miss finding your treasure for sure!

As we close, we want to once again thank each and everyone who has partnered with us to care for our future, one mother at a time! Please keep us in prayer, January is Sanctity of life month. We at Joshua’s House believe that ALL life is a gift from God!

May He richly bless you all,
Rene’e Jeffords – Executive Director

Newsletter 2015

Mid Year Update

Philippians 4:20
Now unto God and our Father be glory for ever and ever, Amen. Y es, indeed, to God be the glory!

Sometimes, as we get excited about the progress that is happening before our eyes, we need to stop to remind ourselves that it’s HIM working all things together for HIS glory. It’s not us, it’s not about us, and it’s all about HIM!

This year has been busy with growth at the Red Door Thrift Store, finishing projects at Joshua’s House & having a lovely young woman graduate our program.

She now has a good job, housing & is moving towards finishing her education at MMCC. Tara, we are so very proud of you and your accomplishments!

Through it all, we are reminded that when things get difficult, we are to walk by faith and not by sight. In all things, trust in the Lord and HE will renew your strength!

The first quarter our focus was on completing a sponsored room, renovating “the nook” (a coffee/ tea shop within the Red Door) and preparing for our missions team that was to assist us in creating our education center in the lower portion of Joshua’s House. Somehow, by the grace of God, we also managed in March to have a Fundraising Breakfast in Byron, and in June to host our 3rd Annual 5K run in Clare! Whew! It makes us tired just thinking of all the tasks that were completed, while in anticipation of those yet to be finished.

As mentioned in the past newsletters and at the last two Annual Dinners, our services to our community have expanded. Although our mission has NOT changed, we additionally reach out to assist hurting folks in need of food, hygiene products, clothing, and sometimes short- term emergency housing. The assistance with e- housing is dependent on the availability of funds. We are working with 4 motels both local and near local to care for those in desperate need of a bed to sleep in and some basic needs. Our current facility is only set up to care for women who find themselves homeless and pregnant. However, we do have a bedroom on the lower level that we can utilize in an emergency for a woman who is not pregnant but is homeless; this option is dependent upon availability.

We have found there are many in our community who fall through the cracks of the current assistance available through state and local agencies. Then, and only then, Joshua’s House will step forward to aid these men and women who are in need.

7th Annual Benefit Dinner

As your are reading this newsletter, we are preparing for our 7th Annual Benefit Dinner. Renovations will continue on a smaller level, right up to the time of the dinner, so that we can complete the vision and goals that we shared with you at last year’s event. We are working dilligently to make this Annual Dinner the most exciting and successful in the history of Joshua’s House. We are preparing for you, as a table host/ hostess, or as a guest. Our staff and volunteers are excited and in great anticipation of what God will do for His ministry!

This year’s dinner will be held on Tuesday September 22nd, at the Clare Church of the Nazarene located at 10160 S. Grant Ave in Clare, Mi. Registration will begin at 6:00pm with the dinner starting promptly at 6:30pm and ending at 8:30pm. If you were a guest last year and would consider hosting a table this year please contact us at our office by calling (989)424-5434 before 4:00pm on August 7th. If you are planning on attending this year’s event please register for the dinner by visiting our website after August 7th at: and click on the “Register for Annual Dinner” button. If you do not have access to a computer, please contact Danielle on Mon, Wed or Friday from 10am to 4pm at: (989)424-6052.

In closing, we ask that you keep our missions teams in prayer. The lead director’s wife was injured in an accident that required the team to cancel their mission trip to Joshua’s House. We pray that God, our healer, will move in a mighty way and restore her to perfect health in Jesus’ name. We have been very blessed the last two years to have them assisting in renovations, repairs & urgent matters at the shelter.

We have fallen a bit behind due to this situation. If you are interested in helping us to complete these tasks before the cold weather sets in, please, please, contact us as soon as possible. We are in need of men who are experienced in working with drywall and plumbing. We would be ever so grateful for an afternoon or two of your time, God will bless you for being His hands and feet, by partnering with us as we “Care for our future, one mother at a time”!

We look forward to seeing you all at the dinner, be safe as you travel this summer enjoying time with family and friends.

God bless you,

Rene’e Jeffords
Executive Director- Joshua’s House & The Red Door Thrift Store

Run for Life Benefits Joshua’s House

Originally Published in the Clare County Review

Shamrock Park in Clare will be the setting for the 2015 Run for Life event hosted by Joshua’s House on Saturday.

The shelter, which houses women who are homeless and expecting a child, also cares for other community residents who find themselves without a place to call home.

Funds raised during this year’s event will assist in renovating the new education center that is located in the lower portion of the facility.

The education center will allow the shelter to enhance the classes currently offered to the residents and open the classes to residents within the community who have an interest in developing their skills and increasing their understanding of finances, resume writing, interviewing, cooking, baking, child development, canning, dehydrating food and more.

Runners may pre-register for the race by visiting Volunteers for race day are still needed to assist with small tasks; for further information, call (989) 424-5434. Race day registration for the 5K, 10K event will begin at 8 a.m. under the smaller pavilion at Shamrock Park positioned behind the Clare VFW Hall located at 145 Wilcox Parkway in Clare. Concessions will also open at 8 a.m. and the race will begin at 9 a.m.

Newsletter 2014

Greetings in the name of the Lord!! What an amazing turnout for our Annual Benefit Dinner!! Throughout this newsletter we will show some photos of the evening’s events provided by Sarah Davis Photography. Sarah has donated her time and talents to us since the fall of 2010! Thank you Sarah!

Pictured at left are Terry and Diane Kunst receiving an award from Joshua’s House Board for achieving the gold level in sponsorship; (L/R) Rebecca Beaty, Paula Ackerman, Patricia Marinello, Sherry Combs & Rene’e Jeffords (Exec. Director). We appreciate the Kunst family and all that they do to support the ministry. Also pictured is Robin Sullivan, our Guest Speaker who touched the hearts of all with her testimony & humor!

Our guests were blessed to meet Kyleigh Rittenburg, and her daughter Ellagrace who were residents at Joshua’s House.

Kyleigh expressed her thoughts on how she came to need Joshua’s House, what she learned while in our program & how her life was dramatically changed as she learned to lean on Jesus for her every need. Kyleigh is now married and has a one year old son. Both she and her husband raise these children by the biblical principals she learned during daily bible studies.

Moving forward to solidify and advance the ministry, we added an Assistant to the Director, Board Member Sherry Combs.

Sherry has served on the board since 2011. She is receiving training in the operations of the shelter, overseeing the Red Door thrift store, managing the employee/volunteer staff and running/ overseeing the daily office activities. It is our intention to have Sherry as the Clare oversight Director when we move forward to open additional locations throughout the state.

Congratulations Sherry; we are so very proud to have you on our team!!

Pictured at left, Sherry addresses the dinner guests at this year’s banquet for the first time. Tom Jared, honored our organization as Master of Ceremonies for the evenings events. He was delightful and witty in his introductions and delivery of information to all in attendance, thank you Tom!

We are pleased to share that this year’s banquet raised slightly more than the previous year. However with the renovations that need to be completed in compliance with current code and the ability to heat the additional rooms we just added, we fell $11,000.00 short to reopen our shelter before the end of this month.

Perhaps you would consider including Joshua’s House in your Christmas budget this year. If you are a pastor, you might be willing to take up an offering this season to assist with this urgent need. Maybe you are a business owner and you are in need of an additional tax write off before the end of the year. How could YOU creatively help us reach our goal?

We have enclosed a giving envelope, for your convienence, if you are able to partner with us at this time. Please, prayerfully consider including a gift of any size to help us successfully move forward in “Caring for our future, one mother at a time”. Remember, we also care for those who have fallen through the cracks of the safety net provided by our state. They also need to know that during difficult times, someone will reach out to them with the love of the Father and be the hands and feet of Christ. Could we count on you to be that person to help those in need this year?

As we close, please know that we are EVER grateful for your support of this ministry!!
 We thank God for your compassionate heart and your kindness throughout the year!

May God richly bless you for your partnership, and may the peace of Christ be yours this
 CHRISTmas season! Thank you for leaving Footprints of Love!

In His name,
Rene’e Jeffords Exec. Director, Joshua’s House & The Red Door thrift store.