Newsletter 2011

Year in Review: Joshuaʼs House is Open!
The Administrative and Advisory Boards as well as the Staff of Joshuaʼs House are delighted to announce the opening of our maternity home! On March 31, 2010 we opened our first maternity home! Although the location is still undisclosed, we have been reaching out to the community caring for our future, one mother at a time. On April 21st we received our first resident. She was completely homeless for a few weeks, until someone was kind enough to let her stay in an old camper on the back of their property in Harrison. It was still very cold in April, and without any heat or prenatal care, she was eating pop tarts and junk food just to stay alive.

She had only one blanket and to keep warm she would pile the little bit of clothes she had on top of her blanket and breathe underneath the covers to keep warm. How blessed are we everyday to have our basic needs met? How thankful we are that you have chosen to partner with us to care for the needs of these women and infants! We are excited and energized in moving forward with the vision that the Lord has provided to us.

The maternity home is a private home located in Clare County that has been made available to us for a temporary location. Although our first resident is from Clare County, on July 11th we received our second resident from Isabella County. She had been staying in a one bedroom home with a relative sleeping on the couch.

She was thankful for a place to rest her head; however she knew that soon enough, she would outwear her welcome.

We have also just recently interviewed a potential resident from Saginaw County and had a call from a woman from Midland County. As long as we have the availability in the home, there isnʼt a county in the state of Michigan that we wonʼt service. This is why it is so very crucial that we have a larger facility to operate through. We are still working very hard to acquire a larger place in the City of Clare. The proposed facility has the potential to house between 8-12 women. It is very close to the Police department, Fire department, bus routes, shopping, banking etc. and all are within walking distance.

We are presently blessed with this opportunity to begin in a smaller setting with minimal overhead, affording us the ability to fine tune the program that God has given us to facilitate. Due to fact this is a private home it is necessary that the location remains undisclosed. This is not only for the safety of the women and infants residing in the home, but also for the safety of the workers and the family that will be resuming residency there when we move to our permanent location. It is at this time that we would like to thank all of you who have made contributions to Joshuaʼs House to assist us in becoming a reality! Hats off you all who have been involved in any way, you are precious to us and we are ever thankful for you!

Support Update
It is at this time that we would like to thank those that have financially supported Joshuaʼs House in 2010. Whether it was a one –time gift, a monthly donation or perhaps you were an event sponsor, you are truly appreciated and our team is forever grateful for your generosity! If you have made a pledge for a monthly donation and have not yet begun to send your support, we would ask if you could please do so at this time.

20% of our monthly pledges have come in since our Annual dinner in September. We are thankful to you for your consistent support. This is how we are able to plan our budget for the entire year. As of December 31, 2010 we are doing well, however the need during the winter months to heat the home is great. Transportation is an issue as well, we are sure that everyone is aware that the cost of gasoline has continued to rise. We transport our residents to and from the doctors, hospital and the grocery stores.

This is all part of the care that Joshuaʼs House provides to our ladies. Perhaps you are in a position to place an extra year end gift in an envelope and send to us to bridge the gap in our current budget. Or you may find that you are in need of a few more deductions prior to finishing your taxes. We would be so very grateful for any assistance that you could give.

Please send all donations to:
Joshuaʼs House
P.O. Box 405, Clare, MI 48617

Joshuaʼs House Wish List
-New pillows and pillow cases (10) -Volunteers for baby bottle campaign and upcoming fundraisers
-Office/Clerical workers for phone calling, envelope stuffing, newsletters, etc… -Prayer warriors that will pray for the needs of Joshuaʼs House and all connected with this ministry

Daily we are in need of prayer and request that you keep each need, volunteer and future resident in prayer before the Lord. Without His intervention and guidance we labor in vain!

As always, donation receipts are available for goods, services and monetary gifts made payable to Joshuaʼs House. May this year, 2011, be the pivotal year for the permanent location to be financially secured!

These events helped to raise over $9,000.00 for the operation costs to run Joshuaʼs House

If you are able to help in Any way, we would appreciate whatever donation could be made at this time. Perhaps you are aware of a business or organization that could assist with our goal. Please feel free to contact us @ 989-424-5434. May God bless you in every area of your life!

Special Thank You to…
Gold Level Supporters
Benchley Bros GMC-Clare

Lynda Marie Wyzbinski

Bob & Reneʼe Jeffords

Clare County Right to Life

Beaverton Baptist Church John & Jan Cleary

LDS Church-Harrison

Silver Level Supporters

Scott & Kelli Adams

Vito & Pat Marinello

Mike & Kim Spalla

Don & Carol Sladick

Mr. & Mrs. Gerald Stadler

Mr. & Mrs. Jerry Witbeck

Mrs. Maureen Rentz

Campbell Printing

H&R Block-Clare

Sylvia Wagner

Mr. & Mrs. Joel Johnson

Mr. & Mrs. JohnEnglehardt

Mr. Jerry Burger

Gladwin Free Methodist Church

St. Vincent De Paul of Shepherd

Bronze Level Supporters

Mr.& Mrs. Bill Zastrow

Mr. & Mrs. Russ La Forest

Mr.& Mrs. Scott Thornton

Mr.& Mrs. Pat Curtain

Mr. & Mrs. Bill Bergey

Mr. & Mrs. Gabe Ambrozaitis

Mr. & Mrs. Jim Conway

Mr. & Mrs. Lee Turner

Mr. & Mrs. Ken Hilton

Mrs. Gail Allen

Mr. & Mrs. Dennis Eagan

Mr. & Mrs. Dan Timmons

Mr. & Mrs. Dave Peterson

Mr. & Mrs. Jese Warner

Mr. & Mrs. David Berry

Mr. & Mrs. Wayne Walts

Pastor & Mrs. Jeremy Smith

Mr. & Mrs. Brian LaForest

Mr. & Mrs. Kirk Royster

Mr. & Mrs. Travis Warner

Mrs. Sarah Davis

Ms. Sharron Bidigare

Mr. & Mrs. Wayne Helmuth

Ms. Carolyn Scott

Mr. John Wentworth

Mr. & Mrs. Joe Doulette

Mr. & Mrs. Omar Byler

Mr. & Mrs. Chad Johnson

Mr. & Mrs. Pat Curtin

Mr. & Mrs. Brian Sprague

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Hunt

Mr. & Mrs. Nevin Nolt

Mr. & Mrs.Timothy Schlicht

Mr. & Mrs. Don Hill

Ms. Jenn Pape

Mrs. Lisa Card

Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Frost

Mr. & Mrs. Kent Eagley

Mr. & Mrs.
Michael VanWormer

Mr. & Mrs. Rob Wheeler

Mr. & Mrs. Eric Issac

Jayʼs Sporting Goods

Greater Harvest Church

Spartan Stores

Knights of Columbus-Clare

J. T. Bakers

New Hope FMChurch – Loomis

Houghton Lk. Wesleyan Church

Bucilliʼs Pizza

Coleman Wesleyan Church


VFW-Clare Ladies Auxillary

Fair Salvage

Allen Park Womenʼs Sewing.

E.Z. Bike

Eagle Church of God- Clare

All State-Mike Davis

St. Ceciliaʼs Church

The Sunroom Factory

St. Athanasius Church

Klein Construction

St. Henryʼs/St. Charles Church

Horizon Senior Living

Clare Church of the Nazarene