Newsletter 2014

Greetings in the name of the Lord!! What an amazing turnout for our Annual Benefit Dinner!! Throughout this newsletter we will show some photos of the evening’s events provided by Sarah Davis Photography. Sarah has donated her time and talents to us since the fall of 2010! Thank you Sarah!

Pictured at left are Terry and Diane Kunst receiving an award from Joshua’s House Board for achieving the gold level in sponsorship; (L/R) Rebecca Beaty, Paula Ackerman, Patricia Marinello, Sherry Combs & Rene’e Jeffords (Exec. Director). We appreciate the Kunst family and all that they do to support the ministry. Also pictured is Robin Sullivan, our Guest Speaker who touched the hearts of all with her testimony & humor!

Our guests were blessed to meet Kyleigh Rittenburg, and her daughter Ellagrace who were residents at Joshua’s House.

Kyleigh expressed her thoughts on how she came to need Joshua’s House, what she learned while in our program & how her life was dramatically changed as she learned to lean on Jesus for her every need. Kyleigh is now married and has a one year old son. Both she and her husband raise these children by the biblical principals she learned during daily bible studies.

Moving forward to solidify and advance the ministry, we added an Assistant to the Director, Board Member Sherry Combs.

Sherry has served on the board since 2011. She is receiving training in the operations of the shelter, overseeing the Red Door thrift store, managing the employee/volunteer staff and running/ overseeing the daily office activities. It is our intention to have Sherry as the Clare oversight Director when we move forward to open additional locations throughout the state.

Congratulations Sherry; we are so very proud to have you on our team!!

Pictured at left, Sherry addresses the dinner guests at this year’s banquet for the first time. Tom Jared, honored our organization as Master of Ceremonies for the evenings events. He was delightful and witty in his introductions and delivery of information to all in attendance, thank you Tom!

We are pleased to share that this year’s banquet raised slightly more than the previous year. However with the renovations that need to be completed in compliance with current code and the ability to heat the additional rooms we just added, we fell $11,000.00 short to reopen our shelter before the end of this month.

Perhaps you would consider including Joshua’s House in your Christmas budget this year. If you are a pastor, you might be willing to take up an offering this season to assist with this urgent need. Maybe you are a business owner and you are in need of an additional tax write off before the end of the year. How could YOU creatively help us reach our goal?

We have enclosed a giving envelope, for your convienence, if you are able to partner with us at this time. Please, prayerfully consider including a gift of any size to help us successfully move forward in “Caring for our future, one mother at a time”. Remember, we also care for those who have fallen through the cracks of the safety net provided by our state. They also need to know that during difficult times, someone will reach out to them with the love of the Father and be the hands and feet of Christ. Could we count on you to be that person to help those in need this year?

As we close, please know that we are EVER grateful for your support of this ministry!!
 We thank God for your compassionate heart and your kindness throughout the year!

May God richly bless you for your partnership, and may the peace of Christ be yours this
 CHRISTmas season! Thank you for leaving Footprints of Love!

In His name,
Rene’e Jeffords Exec. Director, Joshua’s House & The Red Door thrift store.